Moroccan salads are known to be one of the greatest in the world and they include: Moroccan Couscous and lentil salad; spiced eggplant salad, a Middle-Eastern-influenced Greek salad; Moroccan carrot salad; green and red pepper salad; Moroccan potato salad; lentil and spinach salad with onion, cumin and garlic which is great for a picnic; spicy carrot salad; lemon salad; quick Moroccan salad; Moroccan vegetable salad which is extremely energizing; Moroccan orange and radish salad which is served as appetizer before a meal and it is also a traditional Moroccan dish; Moroccan bread salad, and carrot salad. In order to prepare a salad of rasped carrots with orange you need carrots, salt, lemon juice, granulated sugar, orange-blossom water, oranges and olive oil; you rasp all the carrots, and then add salt, sugar, lemon juice, orange-blossom water and oil which should be mixed and then served and decorated with slices of oranges. Or maybe you would love to try salad of eggplant and for this you need the following ingredients: eggplants, garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, red pepper, lemon juice, cumin, pepper, black lemon and salt.

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