In Morocco, serving sweets at the end of the meal is not necessarily a rule. The most common dessert is kaab el ghzal or « gazelle's horns », which is a pastry filled with almond paste and topped with sugar. During the month of Ramadan, Moroccan people eat halwa shebakia, which are extremely tasty cookies. You can choose from plenty of Morrocan desserts like delicious almond sweetmeats, Lebanese date stuffed pastries which represents a popular Middle Eastern pastry; then you can try bourtaka muhallabieh which means orange custard with caramel. Other delicious desserts are muhallabia- ground rice pudding, rosewater ice-cream, Moroccan peaches, hajar's comfort dessert Couscous, which is usually eaten cold at breakfast, Moroccan cake, Moroccan orange salad, cinnamon oranges, Moroccan Doughnuts, and sheer korma which is a special Muslim dish traditionally served on Eid day.

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