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Some of the Moroccan appetizers are: spankopita, which is Feta cheese and spinach wrapped in filo; chicket artichoke royal which consists of tender chicken breast in creamy artichoke wrapped in filo; mushroom vol au vent-layers of puffy pastry stuffed with portobello mushrooms and warm cheese; spicy cigars- savory ground sirloin blended with Moroccan spices and herbs wrapped in filo; Moroccan sausages which contains lamb, pork, and veal with special Moroccan spices; shrimp sharmoula containing fresh tomatoes, garlic and herbs; chicken kabobs which is grilled tender chicken breasts marinated with special herbs and spices; vegetarian delight consisting of fried eggplant served with a special blend of fresh garlic, cilantro and herbs, and many other appetizers.

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