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Some people say that the Mongolian cuisine is not appropriate for the vegetarians. Mongolia’s territory is represented by a plateau and the climatic conditions are very hard. Due to the general environment, only some vegetables and fruits can be grown. It is known that a diet based exclusively on fruits and vegetables is healthier and that the red meat causes many problems, but the Mongolian vegetarians in the countryside must resume their diet to soy protein, carrpts, onions and some other types of root vegetables. Also, rice and cheese might be an option for the vegetarians. Surviving in this environment requires a diet based on consistent foods, mostly based on meat. The Mongolian cuisine is poor overall, and the small number of vegetarian recipes is evidence of this fact.

However, since the year 2008, a strong and vibrant vegetarian and vegan movement has suddenly emerged. It is estimated by the National University School of Food Science (Dr. Lhagva) that there are now more than 30,000 full time vegetarians. It is further estimated by the Buddhist community that approximately 40% of all Mongolians occassionally observe vegetarian habits on a part-time basis for spiritual reasons. There are now more than 21 vegetarian restaurants in the UB City and about 10 in the countryside. There are vegan and vegetarian food factories and about three or four 100% vegan food shops. Due to the increase of Gdp, the availability of a wide range of fresh vegetables is now increasingly available year round (though the countryside is more difficult, but still possible). For more information go to United Green.Asia or Green Tara VegA recent article from the Christian Science Monitor can be read here: CSM Article.

A number of recipes can be found at but these are in the Mongolian language.

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