The Mongolians have only a few recipes of snacks. Their main meals feature very consistent food, but there is sometimes a need for foods that are served only between the major tables. Some of the Mongolian snacks, such as Chicken-Kiev, is inspired by the cuisine of other nations. Aaruul is the name given to yak curds or goar curds that are dehydrated. Various types of breads are served as snacks. One of the snacks, which is also a dessert, is the ice-cream, which seems to originate from Mongolia. However, most of the Mongolian snacks are not sweet, as they are based on meats. A few examples are: Deboned Chicken Morsels, Mongolian Beef Sandwiches and Red-Cooked Mongolian Lamb. Some other snacks, such as Crackerjacks are recommended to the vegetarians.

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