Micronesian recipes represent another large category belonging to Micronesian cuisine. They include adobo with chicken, pork, squid or vegetables stewed in soy sauce, garlic, vinegar, peppercorns and bay leaves; lumpia or spring rolls filled meat and vegetables, and which has an extraordinary taste if it served with vinegar, soy sauce, or slightly sweet sauce; bistek or beef and onion rings braised in soy sauce; sinigang, a delightful sour soup cooked with unripe guavas, tomatoes, tamarind leaves, and kamias flowers. There are lots of sinigang varieties like sinigang na isda or sour vegetable soup with fish, and sinigang na baboy or sour vegetable soup with pork. Another Micronesian recipe is lechon, an important dish served on many special occasions; it consists of suckling pig, roasted over live coals and served with liver sauce, and simmered with sugar, herbs and vinegar.


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