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Soups are generally great appetizers. However, they are great sources of nutrition and are used widely for this purpose. In Marathi cuisine, soups are also important as they may be used as appetizers or as a source of nutrition. It must be noted that in Marathi cuisine, since there is a great deal of food substances used, there are several substances from which soups are made. Soups in Marathi cuisine may be made from vegetables, chicken, and even pulses. A mixture of these may also be employed in order to obtain a good mix of nutrients. In addition to this, several vegetables may be finely chopped and added to it.

Some soups in Marathi cuisine are made thin and others are made thin. If the soup is thin it could easily be used as nice appetizer. Generally, soups that are used for nutritional purposes will be made quite think. However, even thinner soups are used for this purpose. They can be used as a regular drink as well, and there is no restriction on how they could be used.

Finally, it can be said that in Marathi cuisine, soups may be used for various purposes, but they are all nutritious and wholesome, and serve one well with the number of food substances they are made from.

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