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In Marathi cuisine, there are several drinks that are well known. Marathi cuisine has its share of drinks and beverages. Generally, in Marathi cuisine, there aren’t alcoholic drinks. However, there are some people that include it as part of banquets. Many people like to include alcoholic drinks when they offer Marathi cuisine because they believe it is good for stimulating your appetite. However, there are several other light drinks available in Marathi cuisine. Local cocktails and drinks in Marathi cuisine are common. However, the more common ones that are known well include syrups and sherbat. These are most appreciated far and wide. In fact, it can be asserted that there are several kinds of these sherbets served in most parts of India.

One other common beverage in Marathi cuisine is tea. Once again, this is another beverage that is well known throughout India. Tea can be consumed at any time of the day in India, and it is greatly appreciated whenever it is served. Some people use it to wash down their meals because it is warm and aids digestion.

In addition to tea, there are other beverages like simple and cooling juices. Lemon juice is very common, as it is consumed at all types of places. Whether you dine at an expensive hotel or chose to have a drink at home, a lemon juice drink is truly refreshing. Juices made from other fruits are also common and well appreciated.

It can be observed that there are several kinds of beverages in Marathi cuisine, and each of them has its use, and each is appreciated for its qualities with regard to digestive properties.

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