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Obviously, Malian cuisine is proud of its wide variety of salads like: cucumber-zucchini salad with cucumbers, zucchini, white vinegar, sugar, salt, hot water, black pepper, red pepper, served with poultry, meat, or fish; cabbage and pineapple salad with young or Chinese cabbage, celery, green peppers, fresh pineapple, tomatoes, pepper, salt, salad herbs, sour cream, milk, and parsley or watercress; cucumber boat stuffed with flaked fish salad, which consists of cucumbers, cold flaked fish like halibut, bass, tuna or salmon, celery, sour cream, sugar, salt, lettuce, American cheese, pimiento, tomatoes, and parsley; avocado stuffed with seafood, containing lemon juice, dry white wine, curry powder, mace, mayonnaise, lobster meat or crab meat, shrimp, lettuce, grapefruit, pimiento, black olives, chicory, capers, eggs, and carrot curls; tomato rose stuffed with chicken and pineapple salad with pineapple chunks, mayonnaise, curry powder, crystallised ginger, chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, ginger mayonnaise, black olives, plantain chips, and parsley or watercress; summer-day salad with cooked cold rice, cooked ham, cooked chicken, celery, pimientos, pineapple or melon, shredded coconut, chopped peanuts, mayonnaise, salt, frozen orange juice concentrate, lettuce, and parsley or watercress; African fruit salad with chicory, romaine, lettuce, romaine, spinach, fresh pineapple and mango, avocado, fresh coconut, bananas, oranges, strawberries, mayonnaise, chopped peanuts, limes, whipped cream, sugar, and green vegetable colouring. Therefore, you have lots of ingredients from which you can choose and which provide you as many vitamins as possible, given the fact that Malian salads are natural and healthy.

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