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If you are curious to taste pawpaw paradise you should know that, in order to prepare it, you need milk, dark rum, crushed ice, papaya, and strawberry; as for « white elephant », you need moist shredded coconut, sugar, milk, white crème de cacao, white rum, and crushed ice. Other interesting combinations and, in the same time, delicious beverages are: pineapple buganda, containing fresh pineapple, brown sugar, light cream or milk, white rum, vanilla extract, and crushed ice, served with mint springs and cherry; non-alcoholic punch with raspberry syrup, maraschino-cherry juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, lemon juice, grape juice, water, and orange slices; « jungle flame » with lime syrup, lemon juice, white rum, ice, and garnished with twists of lemon; « sunshine » with oranges, orange juice, curaçao, white rum, light cream, and crushed ice, garnished with orange slices and fresh strawberries; Tanzanian tonic with pineapple juice, papaya or apricot nectar, peach or guava nectar, lemon juice, orange juice, grenadine, and light rum. Generally, Malian beverages are not based on alcoholic beverages.

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