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Some of the most served appetizers are: fruit gimlet, which is made with papaya only, but it can also be served with a combination of fresh fruits; m’ baazi, which means « beans » and consists of dried pea beans, boiling salted water, onions, green pepper, red pepper, oil or butter, coconut milk, lettuce, parsley, and tomatoes; fool mudammas, which can be added to soups or served alone as a starchy vegetable, and consists of Egyptian lentils or white beans, cooking oil, salt, garlic, olive oil, lettuce, and lemon juice; yellow melon muscadel, which contains fruit juice or water, vinegar, sugar, lemon juice, ginger, sweet wine, and watermelon balls; avocado dip with avocado pears, lemon juice, anchovy fillets, sweet white onions, red peppers, garlic powder, and sweet sherry; l’assiette des assiettes with lettuce, cooked black-eyed peas, haddock or halibut, tomatoes, cucumber slices, eggs, heart of palm, Worcestershire sauce, white vinegar, o

In Africa soups are classified in two categories: light soups and dark soups. In most of the cases, light soups are prepared with fish, meat, or poultry for the basic stock, and they are thickened with white beans or with melon seeds which are prepared almost in the same manner. Regarding dark soups, these are made with groundnuts or peanuts which are mashed to a pulp before they are added to the stock. In order to prepare a light soup you can add chicken, onions, white pea beans, green pepper, salt, water, crushed red pepper, but you can also add tomatoes, eggplant, and okra. In the end you correct the seasoning to your taste.

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