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Libyan cuisine represents a combination of Arabic and Mediterranean, with a strong Italian influence. In accordance with the laws of Islam, all alcoholic drink is banned in Libya. Still, locally “brews” are available, but are strictly illegal and likely not to be of good quality. As for bottled mineral water, it is widely consumed, as well as different soft drinks. Libyan people drink a lot of fruit juices, especially orange juice as oranges can be bought in season from street stalls. The local tap water has a slightly brackish taste. As far as tea is concerned, Libyan tea is a thick beverage served in small glasses and is usually accompanied by peanuts or mint. In Libya you can also find American or British coffee which is called Nescafe. In the most traditional homes, beverages are not served with meals. Thus, only after the last tray has been taken from the table, a vessel called guerba containing milk or spring water makes the round of the people participating in the meal. The person that drinks should not breathe into the bowl, and must remove it from the lips before breathing again.

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