There is a wide range of stews made both of meat and vegetables. Among these, there is the eggplant stew with chicken, fish or other meat, onion, eggplant, tomato balls, tomato paste, oil and pepper. Another mixture of greens and meat is the Monrovian collards and cabbage, which is made of bacon, onion, red and black pepper and collard greens. The jollof rice is an authentic Liberian dish and it consists of a sauté made of cooked meats (chicken, bacon, shrimp or smoked pork – cut in cubes), vegetable oil, yellow onions, green peppers, ground ginger, whole tomatoes, tomato paste, thyme and chicken stock – all these are placed in the centre of a bowl full with jollof rice. Chicken is also used for the cabbage stew or the chicken gravy, which is made of onions, bullion cubes, tomato paste and any part of chicken, a dish which is served with hot rice or plantains.

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