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Tea and coffee are the most popular drinks belonging to Latvian cuisine. In fact, the Latvians avoid adding milk, but there does not seem to be any specific reason for this. Instead, they consume a lot of spring water and fruit juices; nowadays the most popular traditional Latvian drinks are ruguspiens and kefirs, but there are also alcoholic drinks like vodka, or beer. The most popular types of Latvian beers are Cesu, Aldaris, Piebalgas, Tervetes, Uzavas, Lacplesa, and Bauskas. Another Latvian beverage which has been considered a medicine since the 18th century is Riga black balsam. The truth is that tea will always remain the classic beverage of any cuisine. As far as Latvians are concerned, they drink herbal tea, linden blossom tea, caraway seed tea, and vitamin tea.

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