The Laotian cuisine is the refection of many cultural cuisines, belonging to different countries and even continents. In the West of the country, the main dishes are Chinese inspired, as they include numerous spices. Rice is mainly eaten with the bare fingers and people in the countryside eat the meal while sitting on the floor and sharing all the dishes. Some of the most important influences in the Laotian cuisine are the French (due to the colonial French) and the neighbor influences, such as China and Thailand – this is the reason why a wide range of Laotian dishes are very spicy and flavored. The cuisine of province France is offered in the capital’s restaurants, Vientiane. In here, Vietnamese food is also available, represented by stuffed baguettes, with various kinds of meat, veggies and cheese. The French influences mostly focus on various kinds of breads, like the French baguettes, which can be found in the larger towns and the French bread or French tossed salads.


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