There are many sensational Kuwaiti recipes that are truly distinctive and traditional in every form of the word. Kuwait borders the Gulf, therefore fish is a basis of the Kuwaiti diet and so it has been since time immemorial, for this reason you are apt to discover many fish related recipes in the cuisine of Kuwait. Other than the fish recipes, chicken recipes are also quite popular in the cuisine. The early Bedouin tradition has brought the grilled, skewered meat, which are both cubed and ground. In the Kuwaiti recipes the meat that is used is traditionally meat (lamb). Pork is not available in Kuwait, as it is forbidden in Islamic tradition, thus there are no pork related recipes in the cuisine of Kuwait. The Kuwaiti salads are unique and are prepared with romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, and red onions, which is commonly dressed with lemon juice or vinegar and salt. Pickled turnips, tomatoes, and peppers are also common side dishes in the recipe category of the Kuwaiti cuisine. The recipes to Kuwaiti cuisine are readily available and are extremely easy to understand and prepare them. There is no doubt in the fact that you will simply enjoy preparing your Kuwaiti cuisine as well as serving and eating it.


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