Konkani cuisine is related to the Maharashtra, which has a wide range of vegetarian dishes and seafood too. Generally, this cuisine tends to lean towards seafood rather than red meats, and seafood goes well with vegetable dishes.

The staple food here is rice, but vegetables, fish and coconut is found in nearly every dish in Konkani cuisine. Peanut oil is also commonly used in these dishes. However, the rule that governs this cuisine is that the peanut oil should not be easily traced out in a cooked food. Therefore, many chefs avoiding using too much of it, and some do without it. The result is that many of these dishes are steamed. With steam cooking vegetables, it can be asserted that the nutrient value of these foods is largely retained, and this means that the flavor is also retained. Deep-frying vegetable dishes is avoided and dishes in this cuisine do not really seem to be Konkani when they are deep-fried.

A mixture of cooking jaggery and tamarind give a sweet-sour taste in vegetable dishes and pulses too. In addition to this, coomonl;y used in vegetarian dishes is the 'kala masala'. This is a mixture of spices that brings out an amazing taste in vegetable dishes.

Some of the best vegetable food you will find in the Konkani cuisine are: Bhel Poorie, Kolhapuri Fish, Kolhapuri Vegetables (Mixed Vegetables), Kothambir Vade, Paav Bhaaji, Thalipith and Ussal Pav (Mixed Vegetables).

In addition to the above vegetarian dishes, there are beans, lentils and coconuts that are cooked with coconut.

Pez is another great treat to have. It contains Ukade rice that is also known as Goan rice, water and salt. Aside from all these dishes, there are a number of other Konkani dishes, and each of them makes its own valuable contribution to vegetarian Konkani cuisine.

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