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Soups are one of the most important parts of a cuisine, and Konkani cuisine too cannot be complete without soups. You may use a soup as an appetizer, and you would probably prefer to keep it light. However, in Konkani cuisine, it is not common to have a soup as an appetizer. Soups in Konkani cuisine are generally consumed as a means of improving one’s health or as a meal that tides you over till mealtime.

Generally, soups in Goa have developed from “Pez” or rice gruel. This is common in all village homes, and it is common to have it at around 11 am. Accompanying this wonderful soup is a piece of Mango pickle, which is locally known as “Aamli” in Konkani. You may also have dry fish roasted or fried in oil with your soup. If the soup has vegetables, beans, and meat or fish, it is a complete meal in itself. This type of soup is well-known as Sopa Grossa.

Generally, Sopa Grossa contains "Pez" with chicken, beef, mutton or vegetables, cabbage, green peas, rice, fresh beans, spring onion, chickpeas and tomatoes.

Caldo is another type of soup that is popular in Goa. It is made especially for feasts, weddings and important buffets. It is made of corn flour, cheddar cheese, chicken, milk, salt and pepper.

Bolinas Queijo is another common soup in Goa, and is made from sieved flour, butter and salt.

Canja de Galinha is another soup made from clove garlic, turmeric, chicken, onions, salt, green peas, and pepper.

Shellfish Soup is popular Goan soup made from rice, onions, mussels or divined prawns, clove garlic, garam masala, ginger, and white wine.

Aside from the soups briefly described above, Konkani cuisine also has Caldo Verde, Sopa de Cenuova, Sopa de Cebola and Sopa de Ervilhas.

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