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In Konkani cuisine, foods are seldom consumed with any type of salad. There is always some form of salad served in Konkani cuisine, even if it is not a fresh salad. Largely, there are no salads served with fresh vegetables.

Just like salads are popular in other parts of the world, they are also popular in Konkani cuisine too. Some of the salads include the following that are quite different to conventional fresh salads. They are great to taste if you like spicy and thrilling foods.

Chutney and Pickles are commonly used as salads along with your food in Konkani cuisine. Pickles may be made from green mangoes, and this is most common in Goa. There are various recipes for making these pickles. It is made from a variety of mixed masala that are quite strong. It also is important to assert that the pickles are cooked or even seasoned in the sun for a significant period before the pickles are prepared.

Mango Water Pickle is another common pickle. It is made from small raw green mangoes in a mixture of red dried chilies or paprika and peppercorns and salt too.

Korum is also another pickle tat is consumed daily at meal times. These are also made from green mangoes, and also have peppers, green chilies, salt and water.

One more Konkani salad made from green mangoes includes Green Mango Chutney. This is made from large green mangoes, peppers, cloves garlic, grated coconut, green chilies, cumin seeds, sprig of coriander, lemon juice, sugar, mint leaves, and salt. The ingredients are all ground after cutting the mangoes. This produces a smooth paste.

Coconut Pickled Fish Relish is also another kind of salad in Konkanio cuisine. This is made from pickled mackerel, which is fish, tamarind pulp, onion, chilies/peppers, oil, grated coconut, cloves garlic, sugar, and fresh coriander.

In Konkani cuisine, there are several kinds of these salads that make the cuisine more interesting and delicious.

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