Just as other cuisines have different portion to them, Konkani cuisine too has similar features, such as appetizers and desserts. Desserts in Konkani cuisine are interesting because of the recipes and the taste too. An example of a dessert includes Singada Chikki, which is made up of Peanut Caramel. Some of the important desserts in Konkani cuisine include the following desserts that have been derived from Portugal and the Konkan region.

Generally, in Konkani dishes, you will have coconut finely sliced or even in the form of coconut juice. One of the most popular sweets in Konkani cuisine is Bibinca. It is made from flour, grated nutmeg, milk, yolks, cardamom essence, and clarified butter that is also known as ghee.

Sans Rival is a lovely cake that contains eggs albumen, baking powder, cream, castor sugar, almonds and cherries.

Cocada is a delicious sweet dish made with eggs yolk, grated coconut, sugar, water, fresh bread cut in the form of small cubes, raisins and almond essence.

Coconut Macaroons is made from castor sugar, flour, salt, clarified butter or ghee, vanilla and almond essence.

Dodol is known as a sweetmeat, and is made of raw rice, jaggery also known as coconut molasses, butter, grated coconut, cashew nuts and vanilla essence.

Another important sweet dish known in Konkani cuisine includes Neurios. These are basically made of flour outside, and are filled with grated coconut, sesame seeds, raisins, cashew nuts, sugar and cardamom powder.

Sweets like Neurios are made for special occasions such as Christmas. In every Goan home, it is common to find a wide range of sweet dishes that also include Neurios. This range of sweets adds well to the Konkani cuisine.

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