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Like several other cuisines, Konkani cuisine also has important portions to its cuisine. Yes, appetizers are thought to be of great importance in Konkani cuisine, and they are also quite tasty and spicy.

Indeed, Konkani cuisine has a great deal to offer food lovers who are serious about good food. One of the best starters includes sol kadi, which is pink in color. This is due to the pink kokam skin color. It is to be consumed in large gulps, as suggested because of the contents it has. These ingredients include: coconut milk, crushed garlic and green chilies, which hit you straight in the chest. You can also have prawns dakshin dry, or a bombil, which is also known as Bombay duck (pan fried). You can have clams too or any fried fish that is so commonly used as an appetizer. Kanne, also known as ladyfish, is the most common of these fried fish used as starters.

Most of these fish that are used as starters are pan-fried. They are also fried in a little bit of oil. One important thing to note is that these fried fish starters or appetizers are certainly not to be fried in any thing else besides kokam sol is used and bimbla.

Indeed, Konkani cuisine has particular methods and cooking styles for preparing appetizers, and this is what makes their taste so unique.

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