Salads in the Kazakhstan cuisine usually take the form of grated beets and carrots blended with light sour cream, walnuts and shaved horse meat. The regular Kazakhstan salad is made of sliced boiled meat (horse or beef), carrots, cucumbers, sour cream and pickles, adding a little spicy taste to the whole dish. You can also serve pumpkin salads, consisting of cubes of baked pumpkin and shaved horse meat. Usually, salad can be served as appetizers for a main course, but can also replace dinner, because of the consistency in some of them. Vegetable salads will only serve as appetizers, but one you add smoked or dried meat to it, you can easily create the basis of a serious meal. The pumpkin samsa can also be served as a salad, and can be served as an appetizer or as a main course. So you can choose to have a salad that has meat, or a vegetarian salad if your tastes and preferences don’t include meat.

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