The specific thing about the Kazakhstan cuisine is the introduction of the horse meat as the main ingredient for most dishes. The horse meat, which is usually sweeter than lamb of beef, can be found in the national dish, the Besparmak. This dish, mainly consisting of big chunks of boiled horse meat, is served with wide doughy noodles on top of which a broth is poured.

Kuyrdak, a typical meat dish, with the consistency of a stew, is served in soup-plates and strewed with greens, and usually with fresh bread or taba-nan (wheat bread). The pumpkin samsa is another Kazakhstan typical dish, and is usually served as a salad or an appetizer. Shuzhuk, Zhaya, and Karta are other appetizers found in the Kazakhstan cuisine. If you prefer sweets, this cuisine will satisfy your needs with flat cakes, damdy-nan, and thick pancakes with different toppings and flavors.

Because the Kazakhstan cuisine is very rich in fats and all sort of fried and baked meats, brandy is usually available at dinner to help digest food and keep spirits up.


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