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No cuisine can be complete without soup. Kashmiri cuisine too has its own soups. Whether or not they have originally come from other locations is another matter, but they are part of the cuisine. Kashmiri cuisine is known to be a complete cuisine with everything else along with its soup.

Kashmiri soups are great in taste and they are also nutritious. They may also be consumed without the main course because they are great to taste. These soups may also be used as appetizers, and are often made from vegetables or meat.

Often, mutton is boiled well enough to extract all the nutrients from the meat itself. After it has been boiled sufficiently, the gravy that comes away is flavored lightly in order to produce a soup. Also, if one wants, vegetables may be added to it in order to give the soup a wider range of nutrition.

Vegetables and mutton are often combined in order to produce a lovely tasting soup. In Kashmiri soups, there is a variety that you can make. You do not only need to stick to mutton, as you may also make soups from chicken and vegetable.

The yakhani produced in Kashmiri cuisine is delicious and has a great aroma too. It also must be asserted that these soups and yakhani are important not only because they provide nutrition, but also because they keep you warm. Since Kashmir is a cold region, people want to keep warm at most parts of the year. Therefore, soup is very important. In addition to having soup, kahva is popularly consumed as well to keep warm. Kahva is not a soup, and is not as nutritious as a soup would be.

Soup in any cuisine cannot be omitted. In Kashmiri cuisine too, soup is very important to ones health, and it also helps to complete the Kashmiri cuisine.

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