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Several cuisines have major meals and small meals, and Kashmiri cuisine also has these meals. In fact, a combination of these meals comprises their main course meals in banquets. One such example is the wazawan banquet that consists of a variety of dishes.

Some of the dishes that might be included as major and smaller meals include:

  • Rista,
  • Rogan Josh,
  • Aab Gosht,
  • Marchwangan Korma
  • Tabak Maaz,
  • Daniwal Korma,
  • Gushtaba

Also, you have the following:

  • Kalia,
  • Kashmiri Kababs.
  • Dam Aloo,
  • Alu Bukhara Korma,
  • Waza Chicken
  • Rajmah Shalgam
  • Schuk Wangun

In addition to these dishes mentioned above, there are seekh kababs and tabak maz that may make great snacks. Though some of the above meals mentioned are major meals, they may be consumed in small quantities in order fulfill your desire at snack times. However, among all these great foods, the one favorite is the Kashmiri kabab. This is because this kind of dish can be easily taken around with you on outdoor trips. It is a convenient food to carry around, and in most cases it can be consumed cold and is also great to taste.

In most cuisines, snacks are important. In Kashmiri cuisine, you may also have the smaller and more widely available snacks like samosas and even pakoras.

Pakoras are made from gram flour basically, and they should be consumed when they are freshly fried. These snacks are potatoes, chilies or even onions that are fried in a batter made from gram flour. Spinach leaves may also be used in the same way too. After deep-frying these vegetables, they are well drained and are ready to consume.

Clearly, it can be observed that Kashmiri cuisine has meals in it that may be used as snacks, and it also has typical snack items.

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