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In Kashmir, there are several kinds of foods available. Indeed, those who like to cook will have several kinds of foods and spices to play with in Kashmiri cuisine. There are all kinds of fruits, vegetables and meats available.

With the amount of vegetables in Kashmir, there is tremendous scope for preparing salads. Indeed, there are many kinds of salads that you can prepare. You can choose whatever you want from a range of vegetables and prepare a delicious salad. Indeed, you may like to choose the greenest vegetables, as they are refreshing. Especially, when you have a main course to serve, a salad with a wide range of fresh green vegetables is a delight to see and taste.

Having mentioned the amount of green vegetables available to make salads with, salads of any kinds are thought to be great for your appetite. Some cuisines make use of salads as appetizers too. Indeed, this is what Kashmiri cuisine does with its salads. However, there is also a range of appetizers present. Salads are available throughout your Kashmiri meal to keep you refreshed through the whole meal course.

Raitas too are commonly used in Kashmir. They may contain few chopped tomatoes and onions in curd. In addition to this, some raitas have a mixture of various spices and other fresh vegetables in them.

Raitas and salads go very well with a main course meal in Kashmiri cuisine. In addition to the main course having raita and salads on hand, the beginning of the meal that has the lighter foodstuff to consume, like kababs, salads and raita go well with it. Lemons are also a great vegetable in Kashmiri cuisine. This is because this vegetable may used on its own to flavor any dish on the table of a Kashmiri dinner.

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