Kashmiri recipes are indeed among the most delicious ones known. Kashmiri cuisine is known for preparing foods methodically, and these methods have come down through many years. One particular recipe worth mentioning here is the 'Neni Rogan Josh'. This recipe has considerable detail to it, and has a wide range of ingredients to it as well. Generally, this dish is prepared using either mutton or chicken.

The ingredients for cooking Neni Rogan Josh include:

The method for cooking Neni Rogan Josh includes the following:

Take a 'Patila', preferably a round-bottomed one made of brass or copper. It should have a capacity of 3 liters. Into this vessel, pour the mustard oil according to its recommended quantity, and heat on a slow flame. While this heating process takes place, you should soak the meat pieces curd. Add the meat pieces slowly into the oil. Also pour in the excess curd. Keep stirring until while adding in the cloves, salt, cumin seeds, and a tiny bit of pinch of asafoetida. Keep stirring till the liquid in the mixture dries up. The meat pieces will turn golden brown.

After this, add ½ a cup of water, turmeric, red chili powder and sugar. Keep stirring till the mixture turns brownish red. Also, make sure all the water has evaporated.

Once again, add some water (2 cups), and aniseed powders and dry ginger. Again, keep stirring until the meat tenderizes, and the water turns to a red gravy. Add in garam masala and ghi. Allow the mixture to cook for 2 or 3 minutes, and your Rogan Josh will be ready.

In addition to a dish like Rogan Josh, there are others that are great to taste in Kashmiri cuisine.


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