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Desserts in Kasmiri cuisine are many. They are really a treat for those who love good food and desserts too. Some of the best desserts in Kashmiri cuisine you could taste include Lavas. This is a cream-colored unleavened bread that tastes delicious. There is also baqerkhani, which is a Kashmiri rough puff pastry. In addition to this is the Kulcha that is often used as bread. It is short bread that may be topped with seeds. It depends on the taste you like; you could consume it as a dessert or along with your food. When these breads are prepared, they may be flavored if you want them as a dessert.

Other sweet dishes in Kashmiri cuisine include:

  • Modur Polav
  • Khir
  • Firun
  • Shufta
  • Shier Chay

In addition to the desserts, you would like to know what goes into the desserts to make them taste the way that they do. Saffron that is normally used in main course meals and other sweets is one of the main ingredients. In addition to this, other ingredients include almonds, walnuts, and raisins. Sometimes, these very ingredients are used in curries. Mint, onion, radish and black grape chutneys are also integral ingredients in Kashmiri cuisine.

Some other desserts in Kashmiri cuisine include Kehwa and the Kashmiri green tea that is flavored using almonds and saffron.

Kashmiri desserts are believed to be among the tastiest desserts in known cuisines. This is largely because of the ingredients in them. Though the ingredients used may surprise many people, it must be asserted that they are integral in producing the final taste in each of these desserts. This is why Kashmiri cuisine is indeed believed to be a complete one.

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