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Kashmiri cuisine cannot be complete without having beverages. Being a cold region much of the beverages served here are served warm. Kashmir has fortunately been exposed to influences from the Eastern and Western parts of it. This has meant that they have been able to utilize a number of main food substances to produce beverages.

With mutton being one of the main food substances among meats used in Kashmir, yakhni is commonly produced. You can get it anywhere in the Kashmir region. In addition o yakhni, there are other soups that Kashmir is known for. These may be produced from chicken, vegetable or even a mixture of the two. Sometimes, a mixture of mutton and vegetables is also used to make soups. Kashmiri soups may be produced through extracts, which means that these soups are prepared from boiled vegetables, mutton, etc.

With the spices used in Kashmiri foods, the flavors that can be produced are limitless.

With the spices and ingredients in Kashmiri cuisine, it is often said that this cuisine has everything and is a complete one.

Fruit juices are also common among the beverages served in Kashmir. In addition these, there is also the very popular kahva. This is a warm kind of tea that is usually served after meals to wash your food down. It is also believed to be good for digestion.

Kahva is also widely available in many restaurants and small outlets in Kashmir. It is a drink that is drunk far and wide there, and it is rather surprising that banquets serve this drink too.

Kashmiri cuisine is full of everything you would imagine. On holiday there, you would be presented with a wide range of pleasant tasting foods and beverages. The variety in Kashmiri cuisine is truly a treat.

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