Appetizers are of various kinds in different cuisines. In Kashmiri cuisine, you may have a range of appetizers presented to you. Depending on the occasion, you will have appetizers presented. In wazawan banquets, you may have a whole range of them because this is the finest and most traditional banquet in Kashmir. Indeed, it comes from a line of expert cooks. However, other banquets may also present you a wide range of appetizers.

Appetizers that may be present at any occasion include: rista that are made of finely pounded mutton that is cooked in a gravy, tabak maz, that is meat cut from the ribs, seekh kababs, roganjosh, which is a rich red color because of Kashmiri chilies in it.

Other important appetizers served before a main course meal include the tramis, which are normally heaped with rice. There are also seekh kababs and pieces of methi korma. In addition to these, there are tabak maaz, zafrani murg, safed murg, etc. When these appetizers are served, they are normally accompanies by curd and chutney. These are usually served in earthen pots, which is probably to give these items a better taste.

It is known that Kashmir main course meals have some of the best appetizers. Sometimes, these are considered to be smaller versions of the main course components. However, these portions are very stimulating.

Kashmiri cuisine appetizers are wonderfully aromatic as well as spicy. Before going on to the main course meal, you would have several small dishes presented to you. Some of these are kababs that might even be served cold. This is because of the fact that they are cold dishes. These are ones that are seasoned overnight, and served the next day. Aside from kababs, there are several other small dishes that simply add a great deal to Kashmiri cuisine.

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