“Mango Fool” is made of mango, “Cointreau” and thick cream. The mango flash is mixed with the cream and cointreau in a blender. It’s served chilled and decorated with mint springs. The Papaya Fruit Salad is made of cheese, oranges, green grapes, apples, kiwis, bananas, papayas and water melon. First the grapes are cut in half then the apples are peeled and sliced. The same thing is done with the kiwis, bananas and papayas. The melon is cut into small pieces and the seeds are removed. All the fruits are mixed together in a bowl and lemon juice is purred over them. It’s served with cream cheese. The” Baked Plantain Load is made of plantains, chili, rice flour, corn oil, turmeric powder and salt. After the plantains are peeled and cut into small chunks they are mixed until a thick paste is obtained. Later the chili is added and the rice flour and the salt are well mixed. The turmeric is fried in a pan with oil and mixed with the plantain mixture. The final mixture is cooked in a tin greased for about an hour. It’s served with slated peanuts or as an accompaniment to spicy dishes. If the mixture is too soft, add rice flour and if is too stiff, add water until the right consistence is obtained.

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