The Hong Kong vegetarian cuisine is famous for its healing and nutritional qualities. One of the most used ingredients in the Hong Kong vegetarian cuisine is the Soya bean, which is usually processed into bean curd or tofu. The curd is usually prepared in such a way that it tastes and looks like roast duck, pork, chicken or other meat based delicacies. Also, the large variety of tasty mushrooms and other types of fungi enrich the Hong Kong cuisine. One of the most important things in the Hong Kong vegetarian dishes is the colorful display of textures and flavors. Usually, the dishes are prepared in such a way that they resemble meat or seafood. Walnuts are also very popular in the vegetarian Hong Kong cuisine. They are high in protein and represent a great substitute for meat. Fungi are another ingredient used in Hong Kong. The type of fungi used is the black fungus also called the “cloud ears”. There are also other types included in the Hong Kong vegetarian menus, such as the white fungus or the golden fungus.

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