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Definitely, the most popular beverages in Hong Kong are the hot drinks, mainly the tea. The drinking of tea has been invented on the Asian continent hundreds of years ago. Coffee is also a popular hot beverage here, but we have to mention that it is a relatively new product in this area. It is more popular among the young generations.

The alcoholic beverages are also quite popular in Hong Kong. The alcoholic beverages can be classified as it follows: liquors, beer, wine and other mixed alcoholic drinks. The wines here are especially designed to complement the meals. They are usually distilled from rice, millet and other grains. Interestingly, some wines in Hong Kong are made from herbs or flowers too. The alcoholic drinks have an average of approximately 15%. The liquors are divided in categories based on their flavor, thus there are soy source flavors, light-flavors, rice flavor and other.

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