An interesting mix of African cooking styles combined with the refinement of French cooking make the Haitian cuisine something no cook or food enthusiast should miss. Haiti is too small to offer distinct regional cooking styles and noticeably different cuisines in the parts of the country. Since it does not have a dominant neighbour that would influence it, Haiti has picked up different cooking styles that are now harmoniously blended with the African and French major influences. Visitors and locals alike enjoy the roast goat called 'kabrit', the fried pork 'griot' or poultry with a Creole sauce 'poulet creole', to name just some of the most popular meat dishes. Haiti displays a general coastal cuisine, with fish meat, lobster, shrimp and sea-food readily available. Fruit including guava, pineapple, mango, banana, melons, breadfruit is often used in fruit salads, compotes or other delicious desserts. Sugarcane is often prepared and sold on streets and enjoyed at home as well as a tasty treat or snack. Coconuts are often the number one choice when it comes to beverages.


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