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Soups are indeed known to be one of the healthiest parts of a cuisine, and in Gujarati cuisine, there is no shortage of soups. It is as though this cuisine specializes in soups.

Soups are versatile in the sense that you may use a soup as an appetizer. However, in Gujarati cuisine, soups are normally had separately. They are considered to be nutritious and many consume these soups to gain strength or recover after illness.

Among some of the best soups are:

Dal Soup or Vegetable Soup – Tehse soups are of different kinds, but are made from lentils and spices. Depending on what you like, you can order a soup at a restaurant. You can even make these at home with ease.

Tomato Coconut Soup is another popular soup that is nutritious. It contains tomatoes, coconut and herbs.

Chicken Soup – This is made from chicken flavored with spices as well as herbs.

It must be realized that generally Gujarati cuisine does not have much to do with meats. It has chicken soup, but no other meat soups that are common, and this is because of the fact that Gujarati soups and the cuisine as well is quite simple yet tasty.

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