Gujarat has one of the best cuisines in India. Even though it is simple and has very few meat dishes, it is one of the most appreciated cuisines. In this cuisine, you will find that there is a wide variety as well, and this refers not only to the main course meals, but also to the salads that are consumed particularly in the South of Gujarat.

The South of Gujarat is well known for receiving a lot of rain. Based on this fact, green vegetables and fruits grow in abundance there. The result of this is a large number of dishes being made from fruits and vegetables grown within the area. As far as salads are concerned, you can say that there is a wide variety of fresh salads prepared at buffets. These salads are of various kinds, and you can make any combination you want to. A combination of cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, and oil and vinegar, are quite common. Aside from this, you may have:

Mango chutney – made from mango, aromatic herbs and spices

Raita – made from yogurt tomatoes, cucumbers, mint and spices

Pickle – of various kinds

Desi salad – made from cucumbers, green chillies, sliced onions, tomatoes, salt

Plain yogurt – made in almost any homemade style

Foods that are common in the South and that go well with salads include Undhyoo and Paunk, gharis, nankhatais, and saglu baglu mithai.

Certainly, with such variety, one can say that Gujarati cuisine has a wide range of salads too.

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