Gujarati recipes are perhaps among the easiest to follow. This is because they are simple and do not have complicated twits and turns of marinating and seasoning involved. The reason for this is that there is hardly any meat dishes cooked in Gujarati cuisine. Being largely a vegetarian cuisine, you can say that the dishes are simple yet tasty. The following is a simple recipe to cook up Spicy Bread Bateta Wada.

Ingredients for this dish include: 1 tbsp green chilli-ginger paste, 2 Large potatoes, Bread, oil for frying, Salt to taste, Sugar and Fresh Lemon Juice.

Method employed includes:

First, boil and mash the potatoes. Add all the ingredients to them, and make ball out of them.

Next, soak the bread in water, and then squeeze out all the absorbed water in order to make the bread flat. Once the bread is made as flat as a chappati, place the potato ball in the center of the chappati, wrap it up wit the bread, and deep-fry it.

This dish is ready to serve with tamarind and chutney.

In addition to this simple type of dish in Gujarati cuisine, there are numerous others that take only a few steps to prepare. Yet these dishes are delicious. Vegetarians largely appreciate this cuisine, and indeed a great number of people do adhere to the foods of this cuisine, whether it is for religious reasons or anything else.


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