In Gujarati cuisine there are a number of sweet dishes and desserts. These are very well made and are delicious to taste when made by the locals of the Gujarat region. In contrast to the manner in which many dishes in Gujarati cuisine might seem to be handicapped because they do not use meats, sweet dishes are different, as they use nearly everything that other cuisines use.

There are come common dishes like Khaman Dhokla, which is a salty steamed cake. This is different to other desserts, but is great to taste. Doodhpak, is also very popular in Gujarati cuisine. It is a sweet and thickened milk confectionery. Also, Shrikhand is another similar dish that is a great dessert. It is flavored with saffron, cardamom, nuts and candied fruit, and is basically made of yoghurt. It is consumed with small fluffy pooris.

Also, there are other sweets that are made from milk, lentil flour, wheat flour, paneer, along with dried nuts. This is garnished with a film of pure silver.

In addition to the above desserts, there are others like Doodha Pak, which is a milk confection. Srikhand is a yogurt dessert that is flavored with nuts, saffron, and fruits, and Suter Pheni is made up of fine vermicelli cooked as sweet rounds.

Some of desserts in Gujarati cuisine are listed below: Basundi, Dhabele (Double Roti, Kutch Style), Doodh Pak, Doodhi Halva (White Gourd Galva), Gujarati Kadhi, Handvo (Lentil Cake), Kachumber, Nutrela Chavli Ghugra, Shrikhand and Undhia.

Gujarati desserts certainly have a wide range, and this is because of the fact that it is able to use every ingredient to make sweet dishes that other cuisines make use of.

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