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Gujarati cuisine has its share of beverages. Like other Indian cuisine, it has a great deal to offer those who are interested in the best food and beverages. Beverages are normally served at the end of a meal or they can be consumed during the day at any time.

Indeed, beverages in any cuisine and also Gujarati cuisine can be enjoyed at any time of the day. One of the favorites is the well-known ‘chai’ or tea. This is a favorite almost throughout India, and is enjoyed at any time of the day. When consumed after a meal, tea can help digest one’s food, and since it is consumed when it is warm, it is great for washing down your food after a heavy meal.

In addition to chai being a vital beverage in Gujarati cuisine, there is also the well-known sherbat. This is sweet drink that is made of a number of ingredients. It may be made of a few ingredients or may be more extensively prepared with ingredients such as almonds and coconut added to the milk base. Usually, sherbat is made with milk as its base. To dilute the quantity, water may be added to the sherbat. Otherwise it is consumed in its viscous form, and some people even like vermicelli added to it.

Beverages of different kinds may be consumed in Gujarati cuisine depending on the occasion. Though it is not all that common to have alcoholic ones, some people do indulge in them.

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