As many other cuisines have appetizers, Gujrato cuisine too has this important portion too. Appetizers in Gujrati cuisine are certainly full of delight, and once you taste them they leave you with temptation to try out more Gujrati food. Some of the following are great appetizers in Gujrati cuisine.

Patra – This is made from Alvi leaves and spicy chickpea batter, which is rolled and steamed. It is deep fried before serving.

Samosa Bhel – This is a puffed rice gram flour noodle, with wheat crisp, and green and tamarind sauce. This appetizer is garnished with cilentro and onion.

Paubhaji – This is a Bombay type of dish consisting of mashed vegetables with seasoning. It is served with a toasted bread roll.

Poori Shaak – This is typically Gujrati type of food. This appetizer consists of potatoes with mustard seeds and a few other spices. This appetizer is served with four small pooris.

In addition to the above appetizers, there are many more to mention. These are quick to prepare, and are delicious too.

Appetizers can also be in the form of smaller portions of large sized meals. Only the most stimulating of these can be used as an appetizer. Usually, these appetizers are spicy in order to stimulate your gastric juices and at the same time mellow your tummy down in case you are ravenously hungry.

Gujrati cuisine is truly a complete one with these kinds of appetizers and other main course meals.

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