If you are a vegetarian, you can easily find meals that don’t have meat but are very consistent. Burritos with no meat are great as snacks or even entire meals. There is a range of thick vegetable soups that can consist as the basis of a solid meal. Without any meat, a vegetable soup, or a plain salad with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers are very delicious. Steamed vegetables can also be offered to a vegetarian meal as the main course, or as a garnish for baked potatoes. You can also eat dishes that contain rice without any added meat garnish. Just the rice with the saffron and the olive oil sets the basis of a vegetarian Guatemalan meal. Platanos fritos, Tamales Negros, and Arroz Guatemalteco, Guatemalan rice with vegetables are great to have for a vegetarian dinner.

Also, salads are a viable choice, and you can also opt for more elaborated ones, like Iguashte or the Picado de Rabano with vegetables. Either way, combining beans with a salad, some vegetables, or simply rap them in a tortilla, or having a vegetable soup, will surely satisfy your vegetarian tastes.

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