The soups in the Guatemalan cuisine play a significant role, and are usually homemade and served before the main course. They are particularly spicy and contain a lot of tomatoes juice in most cases. Tomato soup is served chilled during summertime, while in winter vegetable soups and meat based ones are served more often. Vegetable soups of carrots, broccoli, spinach, corn, or green beans are stirred with a table-spoon of cream to thicken them and make them more consistent. Hot chilies are served with soups, and sometimes are even added to the whole pot of soup. Hot condiments are very much spread in all Guatemalan dishes, spicy soups making no exception.

Among delicious soups, you can find the Cak-Ik (Turkey soup), or the Caldo de Pata (Cow's foot soup). Stews are served as sopus as well, Tapado being the most representative one. It is basically a seafod stew with plantains an is served in a deep soup dish with toast or tortilla.

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