Salads in the Guatemalan cuisine usually consist of a platter of sliced tomatoes and red onion rings, sprouts and avocado wedges, with grilled chicken or fish. You can also have salads without meat, but have beans instead.

Iguashte is a specific Guatemalan salad, consisting of a regular vegetable salad to which pumpkin seed sauce is added. Verduras en Escabeche, mainly pickled vegetables, can be served as a salad as well. Usually pepper and hot chilies are added to this salad making it very spicy but very much appreciated by local people.

In the Guatemalan cuisine, the Picado de Rabano (the radish salad) is commonly eaten. It is very appreciated and served not only as it is, but in combination with other dishes or as a completion to them. There are also specific meals that are served with salads as side-dishes, and meats served on a bed of greens or lettuce. The Chojin recipe consists of pork rind served with radish salad, and the whole meal is seen and served as one big salad.

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