The main ingredients in the Guatemalan dishes are the beans, usually long beans with all kinds of chili salsas and hot spices. If you want to serve a classic Guatemalan dish, you have a large variety of meals you can choose from. The Chile Relenos, Chicken Pepian or Corn Pepian, which is actually chicken cooked in a pumpkin and sesame seed spicy sauce., Arroz con Pollo, Escabeche, Carnitas Taco, Frijoles Borrachos (Drunken Beans) and Guacamole are just some of the typical dishes in the Guatemalan cuisine. Meals can range from red pepper soups, to special rice platters with grilled chicken, beef strips and guacamole, but specialties like mushroom quiche can consist of a typical meal as well.

Chorizos, Manchamanteles with Arroz Blanco (Stew That Stains the Tablecloth), Red Beans and Rice with tortilla Espanola are typical Guatemala dishes you will always find in a restaurant. Also, shrimp ceviche, red snapper with cashews, and mushrooms with garlic will be available as a foreign alternative.


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