Guadeloupe cuisine is representative for many cultures. The Creole specialties that can be found in this country are a combination of the French cuisine with the exoticism of the Indian culture and the spice of the African cookery.

Pork-Colombo- this is a very stodgy dish made with pork meat. The meat must be seasoned with zucchini, aubergine, potatoes, green mango, and cloves of garlic, chives, chilis, and lemon juice. To increase the flavor of the dish some vinegar, olive oil and pepper should be added.

Guadeloupe Chicken Salad- this is a light salad very easy to prepare. It consists in mixing pieces of diced cooked chicken with chopped onion, chopped carrots, and finely chopped red bell pepper. This salad is better served on lettuce leaves with sour cream or mayonnaise on top.


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