The Ghanaian snacks vary between meat dishes (kebab) and fried vegetarian. The hot plantain crisps, also known under the name of kele wele are a famous snack or appetizer, simply made of firm plantains, lemon juice, ginger, oil and cayenne pepper. The plantain crisps are fried in a wide quantity of oil and are so, they are very crunchy. The achomo is a traditional Ghanaian snack with origins in the region of Volta. The achomo is prepared with flour, cinnamon, butter, both sugar and salt and it has the shapes of diamonds or squares. The achomo is served cold between the meals. The tatales or the plantain cakes are made of plantains, onion, flour and oil for frying and they are also served at any hour. There is also the Ghanaian kebab, which is made of chopped meat on stick and served with hard boiled eggs (filled with a special paste) and various veggies: cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage.

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