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Drinks in German culture play a significant role, and usually follow each meal. During a fine meal, especially dinner, Germans will have a classic bottle of wine, and sometimes a sekt, a champagne kind of wine. But after lunch, the beer is the main beverage drank by people, German beer being famous world wide. Another great beverage appreciated and served after lunch, is a kind of light beer mixed with lemonade or apple juice. Coffee in German cuisine is usually lighter in caffeine content in comparison to a Brazilian strong one, and sometimes it gets so light, that people have called it Bluemchenkaffee, small flower coffee. Chicory is a substitute for coffee, rich in flavor, but containing no caffeine, and tasting different from a regular coffee. Having been the post-war replacement for real coffee, it is rarely drunk these days. Shakes and cocktails are usually served in restaurants, being available in flavors covering all fruits, from strawberry and banana shakes, to cherry or orange cocktails that may or may not have alcohol.

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