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Browse All Filipino Recipes: Filipino Appetizers | Filipino Beverages | Filipino Soups | Filipino Salads | Filipino Vegetarian | Filipino Meat Dishes | Filipino Snacks | Filipino Desserts There is nothing typical where Filipino salads are concerned, because of the interesting ways a salad can look and taste like. There is the Binatog, corn kernels with shredded coconut as a great salad, or plain lettuce and dressing to be enough, the right flavor being given by the condiments mixed in the sauce. To prepare a salad dressing, there is the need to mix condiments and ingredients available to make a spicy or a milder flavored salad. In the Ilocos region, there are seafood salads as a great specialty, especially soft white larvae of ants, and tiny live shrimp. Salads are easily prepared just by adding shrimp paste over chopped lettuce. For a more consistent salad, mixtures of sliced tomatoes, longaniza (Chinese sausage), lettuce, chili, lemon grass and pandan leaves are available. Fruits can also be used for a fruit cocktail salad with a splash of cream, condensed milk and sugar.

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