Fiji cuisine is made from a great mixture of influences of Polynesian, Indian, Melanesian, Chinese and Western cuisine. Although international cuisine is available and can be tasted in any restaurant the local Fijian and Indian ways of cooking remains the most popular. Fiji cuisine uses mostly ingredients like yam, breadfruit, cassava, leaves (rourou) and taro root (dalo). Also meat like pork, poultry or beef are staple of the Fijian cuisine. Some of the most appreciated dished are those made with seafood. The exotic fruits that are tilled on the islands of Fiji mango, guava or pineapple are considered to be the staple to various dishes. Many appetizers, salads or soups use the coconut milk to enhance the taste of the food. Some other ingredients such as garlic ginger chilies, turmeric, cumin, coriander, fenugreek and Fiji curries are used to give a unique taste to the Fijian food. Meat is served mainly with boiled taro leaves and cassava ortaro.


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