On the whole, Ethiopian recipes are usually quite simple; they are typically a combination of meats, usually beef, lamb, or chicken, along with various indigenous vegetables and spices. Usually, recipes do not use any sort of pork, because of religious beliefs of the area. Also, many dishes tend to utilize very similar ingredients as bases during preparation. Some of these common items include niter kebbeh, a mixture of butter, garlic, and other spices, berbere, a popular seasoning consisting of a combination of chile powder and other spices, and fenugreek, a spice made from a local seed that gives Ethiopian cuisine a truly one of a kind flavor. Another item that is not necessarily an ingredient in many Ethiopian meals, but is definitely an important addition to any dish is injera, a large piece of flat bread similar to sourdough bread, which is sometimes combined with other common ingredients to form snacks and breakfast food items.


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